Small Revolutionary acts

Kera A Stage 2021

Small Revolutionary acts


On the occasion of the story of Antonoussa, the first female revolutionary of the region, we will narrate the small revolutionary starting points, those that generate motivation and transcendence through original texts but also texts of theater and literature.

We explore the conditions that create conflicts between the old and the new, we discover contradictions that are created when the personal Truth fights with the collective desire and we wonder if the hero and the antihero are the same person, but with other units of measurement: those of social conventions.

All the above, are turned into an experience through the performing arts, creative writing and technology, as a result of a series of workshops that aim to train, prepare and fortify existing and potentially professional artists for the conditions that they’ve found and will exist in the future.

Small Theatrical Venues program

For the first time, Giortes Rokkas create a collaborations networkd with small theatrical venues of Crete and Greece, aiming at the empowerment of professionals and the support of the cultural venues that were deeply affected by the pandemic.

Small art venues in cities and villages work like little hives of culture and interaction between Art and society.  Within these places, tomorrow’s artists are being educated and trained, the first viewing experiences are created and professional artists are experimenting with methods and practices of performing arts.

Places like theatrical workshops, little scens, performing arts research centers. dance centers, become the meeting point of people, arts and means.

These places have been deeply and irrevocable affected by the pandemic and the professional artists need now, more than ever, the coiling, the empowerment and the solidarity.

The dimensions and the footprint of the networking program are both ways and of highly important, as they will enhance the extroversion of Giortes Rokkas at a time they need it the most, while at the same time they will create a network that will work as a source of collaboration and promotion of the artists. This way, Giortes Rokkas enter every Art venue, and every participant becomes a Giortes Rokkas ambassador.  Through the ‘Small Theatrical Venues’ program, and within the next year, the theatrical plays will be spread across Greece and though other festivals, increasing the visibility and the extroversion of Giortes Rokkas, and at the same time a strong netwerk of collaborations between artists and art places will be built throughout the country. It is a program of significant importance in a period within which artists have been severely hurt by the pandemic consequences.

Theatrical Workshop // Professional Artist Toolbox

An educational seminar/workshop is being conducted, which is adressed to Art professionals and through which they will have the opportunity to get acquainted and trained on the tools necessary for the development and promotion of their work. Acknowledging this gap in contemporary art practice, we respond to the problem by creating a series of talks that will introduce these tools to the artists that will be attending the theater workshop.

Parallel happening: Theater talks and conversations

For the third time, this year open discussions will be held with performing arts theoreticals and practitioners, in the framework of Kera A Stage theatrical action. Our goal is to exchange opinions on the contermporary performing arts stage and to attend the theatrical practice.