Events 2021

…Art made of August…

Small Revolutionary acts: Every new situation that brings us down, demands our transgression. It encourages us to disrupt the new reality, decompose it, in order to return to the normal status quo, which is no other than the evolution itself. Every new circumstance that makes us inert is begging for a small revolution.

Giortes Rokkas are redefined, planning a revolution of their own. They close a circle of 8 years of vivid presence, and they start a new one. With their history by their side, they let go and start a journey towards their most bright perspectives, with the conviction that this revolution will add value to their already rich legacy.

In 2021, with the contribution of technology and art, the casting changes and, instead of giving the leading role to history, we dare to doubt it. We dare to dream without traditions showing the way. And, taking into account that this happens at the 200-year anniversary of the Greek Revolution, it proves that our small revolution has already begun.  

Detailed program will be announced soon.