Events 2021

…Art made of August…

Small Revolutionary acts: Every new situation that brings us down, demands our transgression. It encourages us to disrupt the new reality, decompose it, in order to return to the normal status quo, which is no other than the evolution itself. Every new circumstance that makes us inert is begging for a small revolution.

Giortes Rokkas are redefined, planning a revolution of their own. They close a circle of 8 years of vivid presence, and they start a new one. With their history by their side, they let go and start a journey towards their most bright perspectives, with the conviction that this revolution will add value to their already rich legacy.

In 2021, with the contribution of technology and art, the casting changes and, instead of giving the leading role to history, we dare to doubt it. We dare to dream without traditions showing the way. And, taking into account that this happens at the 200-year anniversary of the Greek Revolution, it proves that our small revolution has already begun.  

Detailed program will be announced soon.

30 July21:00 / Rokka village

15€ regular, 12€ disc. - early bird

Opening Ceremony

Our last year’s events closed with the Cretan Youth Symphonic Orchestra Concert, therefore this year it is the youth of Rokka and Kera that will open the celebrations, with a musical event that will spark this year’s events. Right after that, we will be carried away by Nikos Portokaloglou in a magical concert.

31July - 05 Aug10:00-13:00 / Kera village

Lantern Workshop

For 2021, Georgina Solo, who has worked internationally in the field of visual arts, will be leading lantern making workshops based on the theme of Revolution.

2-4 Aug, 9-13 Aug9:00-13:00 / Kera village

Stonemasons Workshop

For the fourth year, Aspsasia Papadoperaki’s Stonemasons workshop. with Giorgos Martsakis as the instructor, will attract international artists to the villages of Rokka and Kera. This year, students of previous years have led the young participants to create a small stone core.

06-08 Αυγ18:00-00:00 / Kera village

12€ κανονικό, 10€ μειωμένο

Kera A Stage

With the story of Antonousa in mind, the first revolutionist woman of the area, we will narrate the small revolutionary

16 Αυγ21:00 / Κερά

Ελεύθερη Είσοδος

Film Screening

  Chania Film Festival meets Giortes Rokkas and they co-organize the film screening of the awarded “Rocca changes the world”,

19 Aug18:30 / Kera village

Vocals workshop & Keynote “The Classical Cretan Lyra in Western European Music”

In this Vocals workshop the vocal mechanisms will be presented. The voice anatomy will be described, as well as the correlation and relationship between the body and the voice,and the ways the autonomous neural system affects stress management.

20 Aug20:00 / Kera village

Olive oil tasting Workshop

Best practices from Collection to the shelf or our table & Organoleptic evaluation of Virgin Olive Oils and tasting harmony of extra virgin olive oil and food. One open and one closed discussion about olive oil, practices, and ways to do, taste, and work with it better.

22 Aug21:00 / Arch. site of Rokka

Concert under the August Full Moon

The escalation of this year’s events happens with the chamber music concert, with Yorgos Kaloudis & Thesis Trio, on 22 August 2021.