Our history

According to several archaeological sources, in ancient Rokka there was an altar of Vritomartis, most commonly known as the goddess Artemis. There is a record of the ancient Rokkaia Artemis, who, according to mythology, is considered to be protector of the moon.

This wonderful connection of the place with the archaeological finds and mythology is something that can only be experienced by being there and is something that the sculptor Aspasia Papadoperakis, illustrated artistically on the medal she created. On one side is the Trouli, a symbol of the archaeological site, surrounded by the three commune symbols of the village: an olive branch, a vine branch and the Apollonian lyre. On the other side, we see the goddess Vritomartis on horseback making her way back to the archaeological site of Rokka through the celebrations of the full moon.

Every year the medal is attributed to the guest artist as a coherent narrative of the event and of the artists’ contribution.