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Art made of August

The Giortes Rokkas 2018 aim to escape the strict viewing frame and create a total experience for the visitor by activating all his senses. Using personal experiences Giortes Rokkas invite the visitors to discover the place and the people, develop relationships and return as a spectator, friend or participant.



Opening Ceremony of Giortes Rokkas

On the evening of August 6, the dances of the movement workshops were opened, under the artistic supervision of Phaedra Pisimissi. The traditional dance was adapted to modern times, mixing the norms of movement and creating the steps followed by dozens of dancers from cultural clubs at the Opening Ceremony, in a dance inspired by the spiral imprinted on Giortes Rokkas  Medal. At the same time, creations from the Percussion workshops of Yannis Papadzanis and the Lanterns, edited by Tzortzina Drakouli-Solo, accompanied the show, creating an unforgettable spectacle.

Yiota Nega Concert

The Opening Ceremony culminated with Yiota Nega’s concert, which raised the audience with sounds and music from her long, successful personal journey.

The evening closed at a traditional feast with Lefteris Koumis and his violin.

Participants in the Rokka 2018 Opening Ceremony:

Giannakaki Despina, Giannakaki Evangelia, Gombakis Kostas, Kastanaki Stella Maria, Markoulaki Katerina, Martimianaki Maria, Michelidakis Nikos, Batakis Zacharias, Benioudaki Vasia, Bonataki Maritonia, Mysirlaki Katerina, Polychroni Dimitra, – Simantirakis Vasilis, Stefakaki Christina, Tsagaraki Argyro




Stonemasons Workshop

For the second year, the stonemasons workshop of Aspasia Papadoperakis took place, attracting artists and scientists of international reach to the villages. This year, students of previous years have led the young participants to create a small stone core, which was the main support team of the International Sculpture Symposium for 2019.

Workshop supervisor: Aspasia Papadoperaki

Rapporteur: Giorgos Martsakis





Mosaic Workshop

Rapporteur: Koula Borboudakis

During the mosaic workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the mosaic art and its evolution in the region of Kissamos. At a practical level the participants will get to learn and apply the techniques of the craft and also create their own mosaic out of marble or granite.




Kera A Stage

A group of artists from all over Crete transform the whole village into a stage. Each road, courtyard and open space becomes part of a large set. Short performances, theatrical plays excerpts, storytelling and theater for all ages, all create a theatrical ritual that brings the viewer closer to the beginnings of the meanings of spectacle and the dramaturgy, turning the village into a lively nucleus of cultural dimension. The stories of the theater intertwine with the stories of the village, the inhabitants and past of every viewer-visitor. Thus, theater becomes a game that leads to the change the conventional viewing frames, turning Art into an experience.


Theater activities for children start at 18:00 in the afternoon until 21:00.

Theatrical events start at 19:00 and end at 00:00.

Spectators have the opportunity to visit the village at any time from 17:30 onwards.


Recommended to bring with you: pillow, sport shoes, jacket.


Τhe Artists:Hippotheatre group, Manos Karteris , Myrto Tsigkounaki, Theoni Koutsounaki, Xristos Rodamis,

Theatre 73100, Io Asithianaki, Stavros Lilikakis,Alexandros Kyriakakis, Valentina Papadimitraki, Zoe Xanthopoulou,

ris Ntelia, Fani Georgakaki, Friksos Manasakis, Chronis Sampoutzakis,Konstantinos Bibis, Lila Baklesi,

Georgia Polopetraki, Stella Skordara, Athina Mathioudaki, Aggeliki Kournidaki,Androniki Marathaki, LedaDallas,

Emmanouela Korki, Loukiani Papadaki, Phaedra Pisimisi.



Artistic Direction: Mety Panagiotopoulou

Dramaturgy: Thesis Theatre Company

Music narration: Mpam

Lighting Design: Nikos Papaevangeliou

Scenic Design: Mikela Papadoulaki, Giorgos Kokolakis

Artistic Support: Archontissa Kokotsaki

Production Support: Ioannis Giannakakis


Τhe Artists:

Hippotheatre groupManos Karteris Myrto TsigkounakiTheoni KoutsounakiXristos RodamisTheatre 73100, Io AsithianakiStavros Lilikakis,Alexandros KyriakakisValentina PapadimitrakiZoe XanthopoulouAris NteliaFani GeorgakakiFriksos ManasakisChronis Sampoutzakis,Konstantinos BibisLila BaklesiGeorgia PolopetrakiStella SkordaraAthina MathioudakiAggeliki Kournidaki,Androniki MarathakiLedaDallasEmmanouela KorkiLoukiani PapadakiPhaedra Pisimisi.

Theatrical activities for children Participants: Maria Drakaki, Katerina Kariotaki, Anna Nempavlaki, Eleni Gouveraki, Lambrini Boviatsu, Anna Kontoleon, Nikos Kampianakis, Lena Verikaki, Yannis Fountoulakis, Chrysanthi Simandiraki.



Seminar Google Grow Greek Tourism Online

Through the Google Seminar, participants were informed of successful examples of digital marketing, as well as the use of basic online tools to promote their business. (




Classical Mandolin & Mixed Strings Orchestra Seminar

The Athenian Mantolinata Nikolaos Lavdas invited the internationally renowned Italian composer and conductor Claudio Mandonico to present a new program on the European orchestral models of the genre. In addition, under the guidance of Giorgos Goumanakis in the mandolin classes, the participants prepared a classic repertoire and tasted the sense of musical completeness that a rehearsal orchestra can offer.

The result; The sound of the mandolin as it traveled through the baroque lounges of Europe, flew over the Neapolitan vineyards in Italian tarantes and left its mark on the Ionian Islands, Crete and the other hospitable corners of the Mediterranean.




Rokka & Kera

Path of Discovery

On August 19, visitors roamed on a gourmet map in the area of Kissamos, discovering the villages through the special flavors everyone has to offer. The tour was with busses and visitors had the chance to visit wineries, dairies and local businesses, tasting special and traditional flavors.



Archaeological Site

Classical Music Symphony Concert

The 2018 Giortes Rokkas peaked on August 26, 2018, with the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT in the direction of the distinguished Greek archbishop Myron Michaelides, with Konstantis Sfetis (Cello) soloist.

The music combined with the natural landscape and the full moon created an intoxicating atmosphere, leaving the best impressions. The National Symphony Orchestra of ERT started with music by composer Antoni Dvorac with a solo ensemble, followed by an agreement of early Theodorakis “The feast in Asi Gonia”, then Ponikyi’s music, and a part of the 21 Hungarian Dance of Bram.



Rokka and Kera villages are located in the northwest of the Prefecture of Chania, in the Municipality of Kissamos, 12 km from Kissamos, 39 km from Chania and 55 km from Chania airport. Following the E65 National Road from Chania to Kissamos, and turning to the Nopigia to Kera – Rokka hub, you will not have difficulty finding us. Rokka’s Square is located in the center of the village, right next to the main street from which you will come.

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