Events 2023

…Art made of August…

This year, on the ten year anniversary of the Giortes Rokkas festival, our goal is to celebrate our journey and honor those who have been part of it. To capture the magic that happened every summer in the villages, to look back and remember what united us every summer in Kissamos, to create pieces that will contain our collective memory so that it will never be forgotten.

More than ever, we are interested in preserving the character from which the Giortes Rokkas festival began.

10-12&16-18 Αug9:00-13:00 / Κera

free participation

Stonemasons Workshop

A workshop closely associated with the core of the Giortes Rokkas festival.

13 Αug21:00 / Rokka

15€ regulal, 12€ reduced / pre-sale

Opening Ceremony: Music Concert By Marina Satti

Just a few months after conquering the top charts with her new songs “Pali” (Again), “Ponos Kryfos” (Hidden Pain), and “Spirto kai Venzini” (Matches and Gasoline), Marina Satti is coming to the “Giortes Rokkas” festival for a unique concert in Crete.

19&20 Αug11:00-13:00 / Κera

free participation

Percussion seminar

The main objective of this workshop is to connect the participants with the rhythm and the percussion orchestra.

19-20 Αug18:00-00:00 / Κera

15€ regulal, 12€ reduced

Kera A Stage

“Kera A Skini”  is an action that is closely associated with the Giortes Rokkas festival more than any other, symbolizing the hospitable and pedestrian character of the event.

23-24-25 Αug18:00-21:00 / Kera

free participation

Photography Workshop

Giortes Rokkas festival host once again the series “Postcards From Home,” a three-day creative workshop titled “My Own Geography,” inviting the residents of Rokka and Kera to meet with participating photographers and share their own geography

23 Αug21:00 / Κera

Free entrance

Movie night

Screening of the awarded italian film “My brother chases dinosaurs” (“Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri”) in collaboration with the Chania Film Festival

23 Αug20:00 / Κera

free participation

First Aid Demonstration

First Aid Demonstration by the Red Cross – Local Branch of Kissamos: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for children and adults, Heimlich maneuver, and recovery position.

27 Αug19:00 / Κera

free participation

Oral History Workshop

This is an open discussion and experiential workshop focusing on oral history, the preservation, and the promotion of intangible culture through the program “Crete, Oral History” by the Cultural Society of Crete.

31 Aug21:00 / Arch. site of Rokka

Free entrance

August Full Moon Concert

The programme of the most atmospheric concert of the August Full Moon includes  one of the most popular works of the modern repertoire of the 20th century, the cantata “Carmina Burana” by the German composer and music educator Carl Orff.