Events 2019

…Art made of August…

In this seventh event, the sound of the villages and the motion of their people are the mainstay. The visitors-viewers form their path within the villages, listening to stories, songs and music, voices and whispers that lead them in a mystagogical route of perpetual motion in the alleys, yards and tradition.

Giortes Rokkas this year emphasize even stronger the educational pillar of the program, with actions for all ages. Music, theater, new technologies and visual arts, they all constitute the pallet of the educational workshops for the summer of 2019.

Rokka and Kera villages once again collaborate, support and are supported by collectivities, local agents, other Greek cities, they work with internationally renouned artists, boosting the extraversion of the events, thus creating a network of communication and collaborations.

Giortes Rokkas remain a “fest in our home”, with Motion and Sound, with passion, with laughter and emotions, with a will for creation and creativity, with a goal to drift away as many viewers as possible, through this Augustan experience.

10-14 July

Free participation

Echotopia Rhizomes

In July-August 2019 the Medea Electronique and Giortes Rokkas spread out a network of narratives in Kera. Sound artists, dramaturgists and performers are investigating and creating a new form of artistic, digital mapping in Kera, producing the Sound Walking Rhythm, involving sites, monuments, landscapes, sounds, and interviews of the inhabitants.

25-31 July

Free participation

Lanterns Workshop

For 2019, the lanterns of artist Georgina Drakouli Solo, which has an international presence in the field of visual arts, will have as their theme the houses of the villagers and will be exhibited at the Opening Ceremony in a large stage setting.

29 July-2 Aug & 5-9 Aug

Free participation

Stonemasons Workshop

For the third consecutive year, the stonemasons workshop of Aspasia Papadoperakis, with a reporter and George Martsakis, will attract international artists to the villages of Rokka and Kera.

29 July-7 Aug

Free participation

Theatre Workshop

This year, for two weeks the village of Kera is transformed into a workshop of performing arts, with theater students

1 Aug21:00 / Rokka

Entrance fee: 10€, Reduced: 8€, Children ≤ 12y.o. free

Opening Ceremony of Giortes Rokkas

Giortes Rokkas Opening Ceremony for 2019 will start late in the afternoon at Rokka Square, where guests will be able

4-7 Aug

Free participation

Photography Workshops – Postcards from home

The Postcards from home “makes its home” for a week the villages of Rokka and Keras in Kissamos, Chania, with the summer workshop “Postcards from home”.

10-11 Aug 18:00-00:00 / Kera

Entrance fee: 10€, Reduced: 8€, Children ≤ 12y.o. free

Kera A Stage

Theatre, multi artistic group of performers, Echotopia_Rhizomes Sound and motion are the mainstay of this year’s action KERA A STAGE.

15 Aug20:30 / Arch. site of Rokka

Free entrance

Classical Music Symphony Concert

Concert of Cretan Youth Symphony Orchestra, Municipality of Heraklion, with projects of Manos Hatzidakis The CRETAN YOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA,  Municipality