Giortes Rokkas 2016

Thursday 18/9/2016

The pinnacle of the celebrations to date is the concert given by the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra at the 2016 Giortes Rokkas, a demanding and daring undertaking that was an absolute success, leaving the best impression as much on the guest artists as on the audience.

Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (TSSO) at the Giortes Rokkas celebrations

Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (TSSO) performed works of the classical repertoire under the musical direction of the artistic director of Georgios Vranos. The enchanting musical journey began with two emblematic works by the top representatives of the Baroque, Vivaldi and Bach, which were presented by KOΘ. Together with the Choir of the Music School of Chania. The hymn of the angels of Vivaldi, ‘Gloria in exelsis Deo’, belongs to his most famous choral work, ‘Gloria in the Major, RV 589’, while the famous ‘Jesus bleibt meine freude’ by Bach is the last part The famous ecclesiastic cantata ‘Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, BWV 147’.

The introduction from the only lyrical comedy written by Wagner, the ‘Nuremberg Archimandrites’, is a miniature of this great work that highlights the enormous wealth of German musical tradition and intelligently propagates Wagner’s views on music, which Is against any conservative tendency that prevents it from evolving. The sequel had an Andalusian color and brought the fiery Gypsy temperament of Carmen, with two suites containing all the favorite tunes of the masterpiece of Bizet. French romance and continuation of Saint-Sans’ Rondo Capricciosa for violin and orchestra, who has enjoyed the high-end soloist’s virtuoso with his high demands. Together he was confronted by the top of KOTH. David Bogorad.

The program was completed with the most popular work of classical music, Beethoven’s famous ‘5th Symphony’. The leading composer has given us an insuperable masterpiece that touches the highest peaks of the human spirit and at the same time dives in the shroud of the human soul, describing the constant and difficult struggle for life and the triumphal victory of human existence.