Kera a Stage - 2023

The Fairy Tale

Kera a Stage – 2023

19 & 20 August | 18.00-00.00 | KERA

“Kera Mia Skini” | “The Fairy Tale”

(dance theatre performance)


For the fourth year, the entire village of Kera will be transformed into a huge stage with short events in courtyards, balconies, streets, fields and houses. This year the guest artists, under the artistic direction of Meti Panagiotopoulou, will work with the concept of fairy tales, explore legends from local and international tradition and fill the village of Keras with mythical and exotic creatures, magic and dreams – all through the prism of movement, dance and physical theatre.

The spectators will once again climb up the streets of Keras with their map in hand, discovering the dance events in the courtyards of the houses and in various corners of the village. They will meet different types of dance, theatre, storytelling for children and adults with renowned artists who will invite them to follow in their footsteps.


Artistic Direction: Meti Panagiotopoulou

Dramaturgy – selection and editing of fairy tales – narration: Dimitris Prοusalis, Vanya Stambolaki

Set and Costume Design: Magda Dimou

Lighting Design: Yannis Lykos

Artists’ Support: Aria Stamataki


Dance Theatre Events

Artists: Anna Fytila, Alexandros Tzanakakis, Panagiotis Tzanakakis, Babis Tirakis, Aria Stamataki, Giorgos Fasolis, Lambros Koukounas, Margarita Pavlou, Manos Katsiatakis, Yannis Protopapadakis, Matina Kokolaki, Androniki Marathaki, Elena Stavropoulou, Io Asithianaki, Stella Tripolitaki, Anastasia Yamouzi, Vasiliki Dountoulaki, Kostas Kokolakis, Maria Latinakis


Events for children

Artists: Valentina Papadimitraki, Leonidas Maridakis, Theoni Koutsounaki, Ioanna Simantiraki, Christos Stratakis


Opening Event 

Artists: Georgina Thontaki, Ioanna Georgiadis, Anasa Partheniou-Kalaitzi, Ioanna Koupani, Iris Nikolakaki, Margarita Houdalaki


“Kera Mia Skini” – Parallel Workshops


-> Dance Workshop for children and teenagers: breakdance in the streets of Kera | Instructor: Manos Katsiatakis


In this workshop we will start with the basic steps of breakdance embedded in choreography. We will get to know the rhythm, flow, explosiveness and sudden pauses (freeze) of this dance genre. Βreakdance is classified as a street dance, as it originated in the streets of America and hip hop culture. It borrows techniques and elements of martial arts and folk dances, while it is characterized by its acrobatic movements, sudden stops and the plasticity of the entire body. It is an ideal way of exercise and artistic expression for children and young people.


-> Artistic Recycling Workshop for children / Workshop Leader: Thodoris Paraskakis (in collaboration with the Youth of Kissamos)


These 10 years of the “Giortes Rokkas” festival have left their material footprint in the villages: posters, programs, participant works from the previous workshops, material stocks from the activities and workshops that have taken place over the years. In order to raise awareness among young people of the environmental footprint of each of our actions, we will work with visual artists to redefine the role of each material. In this workshop, primary school children will have the opportunity to reuse old materials, give them new value and meaning and create original artworks through their recycling. The children will become familiar with artistic techniques and acquire basic skills for creating artworks. At the end of the activity, an exhibition of the children’s works will be created. 


> Daily ticket for the “Kera Mia Skini” performance – including all the parallel actions: 12 euros (presale), 15 euros (box office), 12 euros (reduced)

Pre-sale points:

• Mini Market “Mikro” – Kissamos, Iroon Polytechniou 151, T: +302822022150

• Bookstore “Librairie” – Chania, Andrea Papandreou 75 (opposite the Cultural Center of Chania), T: +302821045554