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…Art made of August…

Nine years after the historic first event, which gave life to this small area of Crete, the “handmade” Giortes Rokkas festival return again in 2022, July 25 to August 12, more mature and dynamic than ever. The two cultural associations of the villages play an active and decisive role again this year, organizing musical, theatrical, visual events and various educational activities. Taking into consideration the experience of previous years, and led by the love, the solidarity and humanity of the community, Giortes Rokkas this year want to turn into creation everything they have generously received year after year since 2013.

2022 will mark Giortes Rokkas’ 9-year anniversary, and this year, the festival reflects the fusion between tradition and contemporary art, between fragments of culture and the naturalism of the everyday life of two small villages.

The square and the village cafe, the proud archaeological site of Rokka, the chambers of abandoned houses, the warm food that the resident visitors and creators love, the shady trees of Kera, the stones that have so much history, the spectators who experience the unique experience from place to place, the music in the full moon, the laughter from the workshops, the applause after the performance, the works of art, the residents on the doorstep of the open houses, and of course the participants, all become pieces of the same mirror: they let themselves penetrate and themselves reflect the light that unites us.



Origami and Tanzaku Workshop by Shizuka Hariu

This summer, Giortes Rokkas meets the most romantic Japanese tradition through the workshops of Shizuka Hariu!

The internationally renowned artist will introduce us to the art of Origami and Tanzaku.

Tanabata, also known as the Festival of Stars, is considered the most romantic holiday in Japan: the Japanese write their wishes on long, colorful pieces of paper (tanzaku) which are then hung from branches. Tanabata means “the seventh night”. Together we will celebrate the Japanese tradition, as well as the legends and traditions of Rokka and Kera. We will create wonderful paper figures and write our wishes on colorful strips of paper, symbolizing our reunion this year. Tanzaku’s colors are inspired by the “Theory of 5 Elements” (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and each one has its own special symbolism.



Exhibition of the unique installations designed by Dr. Shizuka Hariu for Kera Village.

Shizuka Hariu, whose work combines architecture and scenography is a multi-awarded artist who has exhibited her work in the world’s greatest art venues, from the British Museum to the Tokyo Opera. In July, she will be in Rokka and Kera, completing her work. Inspired by the legends and traditions of our region, the imposing light of the full moon and this year’s Giortes Rokka’s theme, reflection, the work of the acclaimed artist will illuminate the visible and invisible worlds created by the meeting of the past and the future. The meeting of the life that once existed in the villages with the life we ​​dream will come again.

Her work will consist of two parts.

The first one is the special scenography of the central stage on the archaeological site of Kissamos where the musical events of Giortes Rokkas take place, culminating in the full moon of August. Hariu’s construction is inspired by this year’s theme, reflection, and creates a visual reflection of the moon.

The second one is a constellation of 10 unique lighting installations, in Kera, which will be inspired by local legends, stories and traditions, in collaboration with local artisans and the dramatists of Giortes Rokkas, as well as the local group “Chania story-tellers”. From July 25 to August 12, visitors can wander around the picturesque streets of Kera, admire the lightning installations and indulge into the local myths and traditions.


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Concept and Design: Shizuka Hariu / SHSH Architecture + Scenography

The Dramaturgy of the installations is based on stories and local legends preserved by oral tradition

Story research and editing: Vania Stampolaki “Storytellers of the city of Chania”

Story editing and translation: Dimitris Prousalis

Original text of Pirates of Gramvousa island: Angeliki Mpemplidaki

Storytellers of Cretan myths and legends: Stefanis Tsontakis, Katina Kastanaki, Kostis Gavrilakis, Athina Charitaki, Mety Panagiotopoulou, Koula Tsontaki, Sofia Arkouli, Kostis Kastanakis, Thodoris Paraskakis, Angeliki.

Design Consultant: Shin Hagiwara / SHSH Architecture + Scenography

Materials and Construction supervisior: Thodoris Paraskakis

Construction: Vasilis Kastrinakis, Sifis Xristakis

Printings: Mpampis Katsoulakis

Lighting construction: Tasos Chairetakis

Model Making: Manon Boncourt / SHSH Architecture + Scenography




Opening Ceremony 

In 2022, like every year, the Opening Ceremony of Giortes Rokkas will take place in Rokka’s square late in the afternoon, marking the reunion we have been waiting for all-year long!

Music Concert By Eleni Tsaligopoulou

This summer, Eleni Tsaligopoulou invites us to a special concert, with a line-up of songs we all love. Along with her, 6 important musicians and composers, true music innovators: Manolis Pappos (bouzouki), Yiannis Papageorgiou (guitar and singing), Sakis Karakostas (violin), Vangelis Karipis (percussion), Spyros Hatjikonstantinou (electric guitar) and Agis Papapanagiotou on the double bass, each with his own special way, quality and great talent.



Eleni Tsaligopoulou – singing

Manolis Pappos – bouzouki

Yiannis Papageorgiou – guitar and singing

Sakis Karakostas -violin

Vangelis Karipis -percussion

Spyros Hatjikonstantinou- electric guitar

Agis Papapanagiotou – double bass

Takis Spiropoulos – sound engineering

Nektaria Emannouilidou- lighting design

Konstantinos Georgantas – artwork

George Geranios – photography



Venue: Rokka Square

Date: July 31, 2022

Time: 21:00

Ticket price: 15€ (disc. 12€)

Early bird: 12€


  • Mini Market “Mikro Typos Kapnos Gefsis” – Kissamos, Iroon Politechniou 151. 2822022150
  • Bookstore “Librerie” 75, Andea Papandreou str. Chania
  • Kentro Architektonikis Mesogeiou (Great Arsenali) – Chania, Katechaki Square, 2821034200

On line booking:




Ηοw do we perceive the world through movement? Steps of yesterday, going into tomorrow

This year, the same steps that make up the routes of Giortes Rokkas and lead visitors to the paths of the villages, will become a study on the myths and traditions of our land. Rhythmical, modern and traditional, those steps will lead us on experimental paths, through the dance workshops.

Dance is the language that all bodies can speak, and this year we will use this language to address our guests and tell them our stories.


Dance Imrovisational Workshop, Androniki Marathaki

August 2-3-4, 19:00-21:00

A medietative – improvisational Practice of Dance that proposes a Way for exploring what movement is and which are the potentialities that are released through that kind of observation. It facilitates skills such as sensorial sensitivity through movement, self-regulation, critical thinking as feeling, transparent disciplines and the “learning to learn”. Ages: 15+


Dance Workshop – Shadow Yoga/ Hatha Yoga, Ino Rigai

August 2-3-4, 19:00-21:00

A creative workshop which doesn’t require any previous experience with dancing or movement. It will consist of simple, organic moves, emphasizιng the grounding of the body. Inspired by the idea of ​​reflection, this workshop will relax tensions, bringing our attention to breathing and synchronizing movement as well as kinetic/expressive play and improvisation.






For the fifth year, the workshop of stonemasons, led by Giorgos Martsakis, will attract artists to the villages of Rokka and Kera. This year, students from past years guide the new participants to create a small core of stonemasons.


George Martsakis

He lives and works permanently in Livadia Inachorion, where he has been working for the last 19 years with stone and its forms, history, culture and architecture. In 2017 he participated in the stoneworks workshop and from 2018 he teaches the participants under the guidance of Aspasia Papadoperakis.



Instructor: Photini Papahatzi- Postcards from home

For 4 days, “Postcards from Home” will relocate to the villages of Rokka and Kera in Kissamos, instructing the summer workshop “The photography process as a thinking experience ”. We will arrive in the villages, as strangers, for a few days, and we will wander around. Using our adaptability and ingenuity, we will find a “reflection modus operandi”, indoors or outdoors, or a means to create en lieu. All kinds of cameras or laptops are welcomed.

The workshop is primarily aimed at interested parties from the local communities. Vacant positions can be filled by interested parties from other regions.



A unique experience: The traditional music group from the Village of Kallithea in Platanias led by Konstantoudakis Georgios, will wander around the small streets of Kera Village singing “rizitika songs”, the oldest type of Cretan music.

Following, musicians from Crete and other parts of Greece, united by their common love for greek musical tradition, are experimenting with sounds and traditional melodies from all over Greece. Get prepared for a journey on the sounds of the greeek sea, mountains, valleys and islands!


Kallithea’s traditional music group – Angelakis George, Daskalakis Iraklis, Kalogerakis Yiannis, Kalogerakis Giorgos, Kardamakis Manolis, Kardamakis Manolis, Kastrinakis Stavros, Kouvaritakis Panagiotis, Kouridakis Aristides, Kouridakis Manolis, Konstantoudakis Georgios, Phylladitakis Mathios, Phylladitakis Nikolaos

Giannis Halkiadakis – violin, singing
Giannis Sinis – lute, singing
Giorgos Skrekos – lute, singing
Kyriakos Bertsakis – lute
Sotiris Kariofilis – acoustic base
Aris Zouridakis – percussion



Movie night in collaboration with the Chania Film Festival:

Lunana: A yak in the classroom

An aspiring singer living with his grandmother in the capital of Bhutan dreams of getting a visa to move to Australia. To punish him, his superiors send him to complete his service in a remote school in the village of Lunana. After eight days of grueling trekking just to reach the village, he realizes that he must say goodbye to his westernized comforts. In Lunana there is no electricity, no textbooks, not even a blackboard. Despite their poverty, the villagers prepare a warm welcome for their new teacher, who has the heavy task of teaching the village children in the absence of any infrastructure. And while he is preparing to resign and leave, the difficulties of the everyday life of his wonderful students begin to move him and the incredible spiritual power of the villagers begins to change him.


Archaeological Site

Full-Moon Music Concert by Evanthia Reboutsika, on the Stage curated by Shizuka Hariu. Opening Act: Giannis Mageiropoulos

On the night of the full moon, we have a special surprise for Giortes Rokkas’ friends: 9 years later, Evanthia Reboutsika is back! The artist who first trusted us and shared our vision of an artistic event not quite like the others, the artist who filled the archaeological region of Rokka with her melodies and sealed the beginning of a beautiful journey, is reuniting with Giortes Rokkas in their new chapter. The symbolism grows even more deep, considering that her concert will take place in the Central Stage, specifically curated by Shizuka Hariu. Hariu’s work is in interaction with the archaeological region of Rokka, the imposing light of the full moon and of course, this year’s Giortes Rokkas’ theme, reflection. Evanthia Reboutsika will take us on a musical journey with the flavor of the East and the West, touching senses and souls. From the busy streets of Istanbul to the dreamy streets of Paris and from there to a moonlit night in the desert, let’s travel together through the composer’s much-loved melodies.

Opening Act:

Violin solo by Giannis Mageiropoulos, a young and talented musician from Crete, recognized for his talent and virtuosity at only 17 years of age.

Solo Violin Program: Mikis Theodorakis (1925-2021): Theme and variations for solo violin Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840): Caprices no.24, 1, 5, 6, 9, 14, 17


Free entrance

Useful tips: low show, pillow, jacket


KTEL bus routes

Departure from Chania: 19:00

Departure from Kissamos: 20:00

Return after the concert

Ticket cost: €5.00 per route


Rokka and Kera villages are located in the northwest of the Prefecture of Chania, in the Municipality of Kissamos, 12 km from Kissamos, 39 km from Chania and 55 km from Chania airport. Following the E65 National Road from Chania to Kissamos, and turning to the Nopigia to Kera – Rokka hub, you will not have difficulty finding us. Giortes Rokkas area in Kera is located next to the church in the center of the village, on the main road from which you will come.

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