Events 2022

…Art made of August…

Nine years after the historic first event, which gave life to this small area of Crete, the “handmade” Giortes Rokkas festival return again in 2022, July 25 to August 12, more mature and dynamic than ever. The two cultural associations of the villages play an active and decisive role again this year, organizing musical, theatrical, visual events and various educational activities. Taking into consideration the experience of previous years, and led by the love, the solidarity and humanity of the community, Giortes Rokkas this year want to turn into creation everything they have generously received year after year since 2013.

2022 will mark Giortes Rokkas’ 9-year anniversary, and this year, the festival reflects the fusion between tradition and contemporary art, between fragments of culture and the naturalism of the everyday life of two small villages.

The square and the village cafe, the proud archaeological site of Rokka, the chambers of abandoned houses, the warm food that the resident visitors and creators love, the shady trees of Kera, the stones that have so much history, the spectators who experience the unique experience from place to place, the music in the full moon, the laughter from the workshops, the applause after the performance, the works of art, the residents on the doorstep of the open houses, and of course the participants, all become pieces of the same mirror: they let themselves penetrate and themselves reflect the light that unites us.

18,20&23 Jul19:00-21:00 / Kera

free of charge

Origami and Tanzaku Workshop

Origami and Tanzaku Workshop by Shizuka Hariu This summer, Giortes Rokkas meets the most romantic Japanese tradition through the workshops

25 Jul - 12 Aug20:00 - 00:00

Free entrance

Shizuka Hariu Installations exhibition

Exhibition of the unique installations designed by Dr. Shizuka Hariu for Kera Village. Shizuka Hariu, whose work combines architecture and

31 Ιουλ21:00 / Ρόκκα

15€ κανονικό, 12€ μειωμένο - προπώληση

Opening Ceremony: Music Concert By Eleni Tsaligopoulou

Opening Ceremony  In 2022, like every year, the Opening Ceremony of Giortes Rokkas will take place in Rokka’s square late

2-6 Aug19:00-21:00 / Kera

free of charge

Dance Workshops

Ηοw do we perceive the world through movement? Steps of yesterday, going into tomorrow This year, the same steps that

3-5 & 8-10 Aug9:00-15:00 / Kera

free of charge

Stonemasons Workshop

For the fifth year, the workshop of stonemasons, led by Giorgos Martsakis, will attract artists to the villages of Rokka

4-7 Aug

free of charge

Photography Workshop – REFLECTIONS

Instructor: Photini Papahatzi- Postcards from home For 4 days, “Postcards from Home” will relocate to the villages of Rokka and

6 Aug21:00 / Kera

Free entrance

Folk Music Night

A unique experience: The traditional music group from the Village of Kallithea in Platanias led by Konstantoudakis Georgios, will wander

8 Aug21:00 / Kera

Free entrance

Movie Night: / Lunana: A yak in the classroom

Movie night in collaboration with the Chania Film Festival: Lunana: A yak in the classroom An aspiring singer living with

12 Aug21:00 / Arch. site of Rokka

Free entrance

August Full Moon Concert

Full-Moon Music Concert by Evanthia Reboutsika, on the Stage curated by Shizuka Hariu. Opening Act: Giannis Mageiropoulos On the night