Programme 2019

4-7 Aug

Photography Workshops – Postcards from home

Free participation

Postcards from home makes the villages of Rokka and Keras in Kissamos, Chania, “its home” for a week with the summer workshop Postcards from home.



What does home mean? What does it symbolize and how is it defined? What is the role that a home can play in people’s lives? And, ultimately, what is home? Home as an origin, as a natural environment, the body itself, the neighborhood, the place, the country, the nation …

“Postcards from home” is a creative workshop within Giortes Rokkas. Participants are invited to explore the concept of home in the villages of Rokka and Kera in Kissamos, Chania, discovering the place and the people, visiting or living in their homes, and in relation to their personal choices: returning to the “fatherland”, the village, the familiar place and the uncivil, the nature as a home, etc.

The concept of home provides a framework for a wide variety of photographic approaches. The resulting material will be presented in an open-air exhibition with the care of the instructors in the context of  “Kera One Stage” of Giortes Rokkas.


Time and place of the workshop

4 to 7 August 2019 – Rokka and Kera villages in Kissamos, Chania.

Each meeting will last 5 teaching hours.

Total hours: 25

Number of participants: 15 people

Start: Sunday, August 4, hours will be announced.

Day and time: daily 12 – 5.30pm with a break for a short meal.



Photini Papachatzi, Lia Nalmpantidou

Guest Artists:

Marika Tsouderou, Jenny Kariotaki, Mehran Khalili, Makaronas Matthaios, Alexandra Hatzidaki, Erofili Gagani, Anna Chronaki, Stella Manioudaki, Maria Pateraki, Efrosini Makedona-Pagkopoulou, Yorgos Kiropoulos, Maria Argiriou, Georgia Chaniotaki, Marisia Manola

Kera One Stage – Giortes  Rokkas

n the summer of 2018, with “Kera One Stage” the whole village of Kera was for the first time transformed into a theater stage, where courtyards, balconies, streets, fields and houses were transformed into small stages for short happenings and performances. The main goal of the action is to change the conventional viewing context and to create an integrated experience for the visitor-viewer. The tribute of Vangelis Papaevangeliou “Kera One Stage – Footprint” conveys the feeling this first event left us with.



WHAT IS “Postcards from home”

of Home as a concept. It was created in October 2016 by Fotini Papachatzi and since then it has been developed in two directions: as an online platform for collaboration and creativity, open to all those who are interested in becoming part of it, as well as a non-formal educational community.

Visit the site www.postcardsfromhome.net and facebook group @ postcardsfromhome.net


Biographies currencies

Photini Papachatzi

Photini Papachatzi is a cultural manager, adult educator and photographer. She is a member of the Bosch Alumni Network and a contributor of START Create Cultural Change (2016). She designs and implements educational and socio-cultural projects through European and other programs based in Epirus. Founding member of Artifactory. From 2016 she organizes the “Postcards from home” project. Her works are in private collections in Greece and abroad. She has participated in workshops with Michael Ackermann and Ed Kashi. She holds a master’s degree in Management of Arts and Cultural Management, City University of London (2001) and is a graduate of the Department of European Culture of the CR (2016). She holds certification in adult education and teaching experience in Non-Typical Education – General Adult Education (2008-2018) and she teaches at the Cameroon Photographic Group from 2013.

Lia Nalbantidou

She studied photography at Columbus College of Art & Design (USA). Postgraduate Scholar at Body Academy – Internationale Frauenuniversität, Hannover (EXPO 2000). The photographic section “The Safe, Private Field of My House (1996 – 2001) – Zero to Five” was released as an artist’s book with the courtesy of the Iph Foundation. Kostopoulos. The first edition of Urban Secret Garden was included in the short list for the 6th Dummy Award Kassel. Her books belong to International Libraries Collections in Greece, Germany, Italy, Ireland, France, Portugal, Buenos Aires and New York. Her photographic work is represented in private and public collections of contemporary art. Active artist for more than 25 years • lives in Thessaloniki and teaches photography since 1994 to young photographers of all ages.


Rokka and Kera villages are located in the northwest of the Prefecture of Chania, in the Municipality of Kissamos, 12 km from Kissamos, 39 km from Chania and 55 km from Chania airport. Following the E65 National Road from Chania to Kissamos, and turning to the Nopigia to Kera – Rokka hub, you will not have difficulty finding us. Giortes Rokkas area in Kera is located next to the church in the center of the village, on the main road from which you will come.