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Friends & Volunteers

The power of Giortes Rokkas is the people who embrace it. Local businesse and individuals are the main supporters of the event, thanks to their interest and valuable help, Giortes Rokkas managed to grow and grow. You are the ones who participate or want to participate actively in Giortes Rokkas and give us the pulse of evolution. To become part of our company you can sign up here, at Friends of Giortes Rokkas.

Become a member of Rokkas festival

With your participation: You will receive regular updates via the newsletter for Giortes Rokkas and for the cultural activities of the region, so you won’t miss out on any event. You will enjoy preferential participation in general rehearsals and exclusive events for Friends of Giortes Rokkas. You will take part in naturalistic and other excursions in the wider area. To be in touch, with us, and with nature. You will participate in open, constructive discussions about Giortes Rokkas, the arts, our region. With ideas, views and suggestions you want to discuss. And these actions will be just the beginning of a company that we want to embrace Giortes Rokkas and give them a stronger pace, yours!

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Giortes Rokkas mean creativity, culture, arts, action, collaboration, entertainment. They are a natural meeting place for high-level artists in the hospitable villages of Kissamos in Chania and we promise to give, again this August, along side you, their best. Our volunteers are the heart of the organization, the core of Giortes Rokkas. If you also want to live ... through Giortes Rokkas and you are passionate, teamy, inspiring, creative and have friendly mood, join us.

Become a volunteer at Giortes Rokkas

With your participation you will have:

– Hospitality and lodging accommodations in our villages.

– Moving accommodations.

– Attend general rehearsals.

-Participation in excursions in the wider region, open discussions, actions with artists.

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