Events 2018

Art made of August

The Giortes Rokkas 2018 aim to escape the strict viewing frame and create a total experience for the visitor by activating all his senses. Using personal experiences Giortes Rokkas invite the visitors to discover the place and the people, develop relationships and return as a spectator, friend or participant.

6 Aug21:00

Entry Fee: 7€ / under 10 y.o.: Free

Opening Ceremony

The evening will begin with dances from the movement workshops under the artistic supervision of Phaedra Pisimisis, Giannis Papadzanis and Georgina Solo. After that, Giota Nega will take the lead with sounds and melodies from her personal discography. Finally, Lefteris Koumis with his violin will take the stage giving the evening a touch of a more traditional celebration.

6-17 ΑugWorkshop

Free participation

Mason Workshop

For a second year, the workshop of Aspasia Papadoperakis continues, attracting artists and scientists of global reach to the villages.

7-10 AugWorkshop

Free participation

Mosaic Workshop

During the mosaic workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the mosaic art and its evolution in the region of Kissamos. At a practical level the participants will get to learn and apply the techniques of of the craft and also create their own mosaic out of marble or granite.

12 Αug19:00 - 00:00 / Theatre

Entry Fee: 7€ / under 10 y.o.: Free

Kera A Stage

A group of artists from all over Crete transform the whole village into a stage. Each road, courtyard and open space becomes part of a large set.

13 Αυγ20:00 / Σεμινάριο

Ελεύθερη συμμετοχή

Seminar Google Grow Greek Tourism Online

Workshop Starts: 20:00 For Youth and Adults Educational Seminar  

17-22 ΑugWorkshop

Classical Mandolin & Mixed Strings Orchestra Seminar

From the Athenian Mandolinata orchestra “Nikolas Lavdas”.

19 Αug9:00-15:00 / Event

Free participation

Path of Discovery

Discover the villages and their uniqueness through their flavors and natural beauty. Hop on the bus and go on a trip around the area making stops at wineries, dairies and local businesses.

22 Αug21:00 / Music

Free Entrance

The sound of the singing Mandolins

Nikolas Lavdas and the Athenian Mandolinata orchestra and conservatory.

26 Aug20:30 / Classical Music

Free Entrance

Classical Music Symphony Concert

The ERT National Symphony Orchestra presents works of Theodorakis, Dvorak, Poniquei and Brams, under the direction of the distinguished Greek conductor Myron Michaelides. A spectacular event on the night of the full moon of August on the grand stage at the acropolis of Rokka.