Giortes Rokkas

Giortes Rokkas constitute a meeting of society and culture in the villages of Rokka and Kera of Chania. A celebration of the arts and sciences organized by the residents themselves that attracts visitors from all around Greece and abroad. Giortes Rokkas first took place in the summer of 2013 and since then have been an annual event at the archaeological site of Rokka Kissamos, around the August full moon.

Our philosophy

Our goal

The idea behind this event is to bring together the raw beauty of the local community with the highest expression of art forms and the amalgamation created by their union will be established as a cultural destination every summer.

A definitive feature of the event is the transformation of conventional venue since acclaimed musicians and artists perform world renowned works in an isolated archaeological site, above a gorge of rare beauty, which without the residents’ concern and involvement would have remained untrodden ground due to its vegetation and its difficultness to reach.

Our vision